Noon Time Prayer  Wednesdays

The Allen Chapel UMC Prayer MINISTRY would like to invite you to join us in prayer every Wednesday at 12:00 noon.

The spirit of the Lord is moving and the interceding of these prayers are being manifested ,and prayers are being answered.

    Anyone having a prayer request please call the church # 864.583.7991 11:1145.

Great things are happening -lives are being changed. If you are interested in praying for our community and others, please come and join and join us.

All are Welcome.

Allen Chapel Ministry. 617 Highway 56 Spartanburg SC 29302

The Grace and Mercy

Food and Clothing Ministry

The Spartanburg Parish, Allen, Florence and Pleasant View, will be starting this new ministry. It is our belief that there is a great need in all three communities for a food pantry and clothes closet. Our goal is to have a place where those who are struggling to put food on their tables, clothes on theirs and their children's backs, where the elderly whose monthly income can not sustain them all month, where those who have lost jobs and have no income can come, we envision a ministry that will be able to offer them some assistance.

We are a people UNITED, professing to be in the business of making disciples, being servants and caring agents for those who are in need. we are requesting your help in order to start this project. we ask that each church initiate a food drive. Please bring can goods and non perishable food items. we are asking that you make this a part of your monthly mission and collections will be picked up after the 4th Sunday of each month beginning this month.

We thank you in advance and ask that you participate in your givings, your prayers and your willingness to work. this is a collective effort and we need your support.


A group of vibrant, enthusiastic, hard-working, young at heart people who come together to worship God, build relationships, healthy community, support the church by being all that we can be. We learn how to quilt! We take one piece of fabric, add to it, one piece at a time, and before long, we have transform those small pieces, by sewing them together into one beautiful, snugly, warm quilt! It's the same way God worked with us what us together, one at a time to make this fine group who work together making disciples for Jesus Christ.


Men's Ministry

Take the Plunge

Deeper Prayer, Passion, Purpose, & Power

A wonderful time for togetherness learning how to put some skin in the game 

11:00 Bible Study Allen Chapel

All is Welcome

Studying book of Genesis